Meet Our Team

Kym Staton (Founder & Director) and Natalia Minana (Creative Strategist & Graphic Design)

Founder, Director, Curator

Kym has been an avid supporter of documentary films since enjoying David Attenborough’s nature documentaries from an early age, and then being astonished and mesmerised by the powerful film ‘Baraka’ at the age of 18, when the juxtapoposition of scenes of the natural with the modern world made him be more aware of the bigger picture on our planet.

In 2014 he started organising very small pubic screenings in a tiny cinema in Darlighurst, Sydney with an interest in sharing inspiring and awareness building films to a wider audience. Five years later Films For Change had branches in Melbourne and Byron Bay and in 2019 we made the move to become a global organisation, expanding to over 90 cities of the world.

Massively inspired to share the important messages inherent in timely documentaries about our environment in peril, Kym has organised hundreds of free entry public screenings about plastic in the ocean, animal cruelty and the link between animal agriculture and environmental destruction.

He is the founder of Vegan Education Association Sydney, an educational charity that advocates moves to a vegan lifestyle for the benefit of animals, health and our environment.

In his spare time Kym enjoys writing songs, playing guitar/vocals and doing occasional gigs in cafes, bars and pubs. He loves nature walks, cooking and of course.. watching documentaries.

Some films that Kym always likes to recommend are: ‘Unity’, ‘Cowspiracy’, ‘What The Health’ and ‘A Plastic Ocean’, available from other online sources, and on Films For Change website: ‘Another Country’ and ‘Plasticized’.

Curator, Graphic Design & Strategy

Natalia loves to spend time embracing nature and having walks along the ocean. She has a creative spirit and is a documentary lover!

Through Films For Change her vision of the world has changed giving her the opportunity to grow, educate and help people. She has devoted many hours to volunteering for Films For Change’s free screenings about plastic in the ocean and animal cruelty and veganism. One of her favourite documentaries of all time is ‘Earthlings’ narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. As a vegan, she recommends it for its strong message against animal cruelty.

Natalia is passionate about the aboriginal culture and human rights and highly recommends ‘Another Country’ documentary on Films For Change.

She has completed several degrees in the Design field and has a background in the fashion and entertainment industry. At present she is also working on her own design projects.

Christian Pamo
Customer Service & Admin

Christian s a father of two (4 year and 1 year old) boys and lives in Mabini, Pangasinan, Philippines with his sons and wife Haydee. He has worked overseas in the past but now enjoys being home based and enjoys tending to his farm where he grows various fruits, vegetables and rice. He loves working for Films For Change because we are empowering people with konwledge and making positive changes, and opening hearts and minds around us.

His favorite film is ‘Blue’ - a film about the state of our oceans and marine environment. He has a Bachelor’s degree major in Marketing, and nine years of Customer Service experience from Financial Support and Technical Support in the Philippines and abroad.

Haydee Pamo
Customer Service & Admin

Haydee is a mother of two adorable boys and lives in Mabini, Pangasinan, Philippines with her sons and husband Christian. She loves cooking and playing volleyball. She has a bachelor’s degree in nursing and six years of experience as an admin assistant and secretary.